Dragos Nedelcu

Dragos Nedelcu is an Expert Software Coach for ambitious coders, programmers and software developers wanting to get rid of the impostor syndrome, code with confidence and become Expert Software Engineers.

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About Me

The story of Dragos Nedelcu

Dragos Nedelcu is an Expert Software Coach and Founder at CodeWithDragos - Software Training Institute.

He started as a self-taught software developer and spent the first years building custom software for small businesses in Madrid. Dragos moved to Berlin, the heart of the European software industry.

Being new in the city, he explored the startup ecosystem. There he progressed quickly, getting promoted to Senior Developer in record time and joining a top technology company, Mister Spex.‍

He became known because of his activity on LinkedIn where his posts have been read by over 1 million software developers. Now he is one of the most sought-after experts in the industry on the topics of programming and software development.

After working with more than 100 developers he has developed a System for any developer to reach expert level in the most effective way possible.

Dragos founded CodeWithDragos, to help coders, programmers and software engineers achieve technical mastery and accelerate their growth as software leaders.

He lives in Berlin, close to his family and friends.

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