How Alex Zahar almost doubled his salary through technical excellence

Alex is a full-stack developer based in Munich, Germany.

He was working in a web agency, doing a bit of everything. A bit of frontend, a bit of backend, a bit of cloud.

Yet, after years of writing code, he was not seeing the progress he wanted.

He wished to get closer to senior level, and he wanted to earn enough money to live comfortably.

So he approached his manager.

His answer? Well, the company was appreciating his work, sure. But none of this could materialize in a promotion at any time soon.

Alex was disappointed.

So he went on to the market and tried his luck with some big tech names in the city. He talked to some recruiters, did a few code interviews.

And guess what?

The experience was traumatic.

He could not even get to the second stage interviews.

And that is when we met.

One LinkedIn message led to an intro call.

It was in that call that I told him:

“Alex, you can change jobs, but you can’t change skills.”

I explained that if he wanted to progress in the senior direction and make the kind of money he wanted, he would have to get his technical skills to the next level.

So, we started working together.

It’s been more than two months already since that August day. Do you want to know what happened to Alex?

Long story short, he almost doubled his salary.

He moved from the little startup to a major tech company in Munich. And more importantly, he built long-lasting technical expertise that got him into the senior ranks.

You might wonder how did he achieve such a transformation?


Alex achieved this by implementing our Software Mastery System™.

And I am going to tell you all about it.

But, before we go into details, I will also share that Alex is not alone.

In the last 12 months, I helped 70+ software developers achieve similar results.

From Berlin to London, our mentees are the cream of the crop in software engineering talent. Most see results as early as six weeks after starting to work with us.

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So, how did Alex reach his goal so fast?

How can you achieve the same?

Well, if you want to get to mid/senior-level faster, master your craft and earn more, there are five transformations you need to go through:

1. Find the gaps and define a clear path for your technical growth

The major mistake I see most developers make is learning things randomly without a clear path to get where they want to be.

Most developers drift around without a plan.

You must understand where you stand in your technical skills so you can allocate your learning time strategically.

Think about it, if you have a full-time job and some family obligations, you can’t afford to try to learn everything.

So the first thing we did with Alex was to evaluate his technical skills at a low and high level.

We found out the exact knowledge gap to get Alex from good to great.

Guess what?

After that, the path ahead became clear.

Once you know where you stand and where you want to go, getting there is only a matter of feedback and consistency.

2. Build on solid foundations by mastering the fundamentals

Alex was a self-taught developer. He started coding by himself and shortly after got his first job.

In that job, he jumped around from topic to topic, doing what was needed to move the company forward.

As a result, he knew about many things, but none too much.

Whenever things got a bit more complex, he would start doubting himself.

Like many developers, he was trying to build castles on sand by building a solid technical career on weak foundations.

Our next stop was nailing down software fundamentals.

I am not going to drow you in theory, but that includes Software Design, SOLID principles and Object-Oriented Programming.

As a result, he could not detect those fundamentals in any piece of code he wrote.

Just like Neo, he was now able to see through the Matrix.

No more copy-paste. Instead of memorizing, he was now understanding.

3. See beyond the coding phase

Here is the thing, Alex’s company was a small one.

Their code was deployed for a few hundreds of sears, and their cloud infrastructure was pretty basic.

As a result, he never really touched a professional continuous integration environment. Most of the infrastructure part was built by the DevOps team.

His understanding of what happens after the coding part was limited.

This played against him in technical interviews and also limited his power to get things done.

So together, we introduced him to the “You build it, you run it mentality”. Yes, we touched the details, the pipelines, the artefacts and the AWS instances.

But, more importantly, we instilled in him a DevOps mindset.

He even took that knowledge to his current company and helped them modernize their deployment process. What a great guy :)

4. Think like an architect

As a final step in our technical journey, we had to tackle the least understood and most abstract topic in software development right now, software architecture.

By now, Alex was a great coder.

But, that was not enough, he had to go from “coder” to “engineer”.

He had to connect everything we touched with the bigger picture.

Now it was time to put things into perspective. It was time to dive into topics like performance and scalability.

When approaching subjects such as software architecture, keep in mind they are highly abstract. It was crucial that instead of abstract discussions, we see these things in practice.

And that is what we did.

We talked about the pros, cons and build a system for him to make informed technical decisions.

Alex enjoyed it so much.

He even decided to explore that architecture path after the senior level.

5. Nobody hires invisible talent: professional image

You probably saw by now how Alex’s skills took off. He was now going to work smiling.

In a matter of weeks, he became the go-to person in his team. A trusted developer and technical leader everyone could count on.

But, for him to make a buck out of this, we knew we had to go to the market.

And we knew that his professional image, which involved everything from his LinkedIn profile to his CV, had to reflect how much he worked on himself in the last weeks.

Now, don’t freak out. We did not turn him into some “influencer”.

That’s not our job.

We just made sure that his career story made sense and that every little detail in his CV and the way he presented himself built on top of that progression.

Alex went from having 2 to 3 daily requests on his LinkedIn having to hide his profile. His phone could not stop ringing.

He decided to interview the four most promising companies that approached him.

And he simply nailed it.

In technical interviews, he would answer so well that people ran out of questions!

Crazy, right?

What can I say...

Hard work pays off.

Shortly after, Alex landed a software development position at the senior level, almost doubling his income in the process.

I am so damn happy for him!

So, here goes my question to you.

Do you want to be like Alex?

Do you want to get to the next level? So you become the expert in your team, move into mid/senior roles faster and earn more?

Then get on a 45 minutes call with me now, and let’s chat!

It is time for you to get what you wanted in your technical career; that is why you started coding in the first place.

To be more than a coder, to fulfil your potential.

Now you know the story. You have seen behind the curtain I’ve shown you all the details of how this thing works.

I can be rambling and sending emails until Christmas; nothing will change unless you decide to do something about it.

So I invite you to click on this link and schedule a call with me.

Maybe I can help you achieve your goals like I helped Alex. If that is the case, we can talk about working together.

If not, I will gladly refer you to someone else. But, the most important thing is that you do something about it.

Don’t postpone, don’t wait.

Click here and jump on a free technical growth call with me personally!

As for Alex, he is still working with us :)

Now is your turn.

Let’s do this.

To your success,


P.S. Winter is coming; days are getting shorter and shorter in Berlin. I know I am not as responsive as I used to be. I beg your patience. In the last few days, my inbox has been simply full. At the same time, I am spending most of my days helping our customers succeed. But do not worry, I blocked time in my calendar, and you will get an answer.

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