Why Learning Software Development "The Old Way" Is Broken (And What To Do Instead)

Learning with tutorials, side projects and interviews is broken by design.

It works until it doesn't. Why? Simple. 

Those ways of learning lack a crucial element. Feedback. 

About this video:

Many developers learn the different ways of learning and improve their skills. 

By doing tutorials, side projects and interviews.

In theory these things look really nice.

But, when you apply it the real life is more complicated.

Many end up doing a thousand different things.

Reading 8 books, doing 7 tutorials and 5 side projects…

They end up all over the place.

What’s worse than that, they end up confused, lost, frustrated and burnout.

Not achieving what they wanted in the first place.

Which was really accelerating their growth in that area.

Here’s what I cover:

I will show you why this approach is broken by design.

And what you can do to break this vicious loop.

How you can change your perspective and use these different ways of learnings strategically.

Rather than just throwing yourself and kind of doing whatever is out there.

These are principles that we’ve learned after mentoring +80 developers in the past year to grow effectively and get to that next level.

To Your Success!


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